The Thousand Buddha Temple is raising vital funds for the construction of a new temple to provide adequate space for Dharma study, meditation and practice. The new temple will feature a new main hall, the Gompa or Altar, which will be graced by 1,000 Shakyamuni Buddha statues. These statues were painstakingly handcrafted by many people across the United States over the last 13 years.

The building of this unique temple is supported by voluntary financial donations, as well as gifts of time, talent and energy. The expected cost of the new temple is $700,000 in Phase I. We are very grateful for the donations of $300,000 we have received during the last three years. We would greatly appreciate your prayers and donations to help build the new temple.  The Thousand Buddha Temple is a place for study, meditation and practice to bring immediate and long-term happiness to our lives. Your support will bring blessings to yourself and your family, and you will accumulate immeasurable merit in assuring the temple serves as a spiritual resource for all who wish to transform suffering into healing and compassion.

Every donation, both large and small, helps. Every donor becomes a part of the temple’s future, helping to bring peace and happiness to many. Every dollar donated goes directly to the construction and completion of the new temple. Donations are tax deductible, as the Thousand Buddha Temple is a registered 501(c)(3) corporation.

The most effective way to help build the new temple sooner is to donate $1,000 to sponsor one of a thousand Buddha Shakyamuni statues that will bless the Thousand Buddha Temple.  The name of the person to whom the statue is dedicated will appear on a plaque to be permanently displayed in the new temple. Please help support this auspicious project by sponsoring a statue today. By sponsoring one of the Buddha statues, you not only bring blessings to yourself and your family, but you also accumulate immeasurable merit by contributing to a new temple to be constructed that will be graced by 1,000 statues of Shakyamuni Buddha that represent all the Buddhas that will appear in this cosmic eon.


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