The program to build the Thousand Buddha Temple will be divided into two phases.

Phase I – Basic Construction in this phase will include the new main hall, lecture hall, office, dining room, kitchen and essential amenities. A new driveway, parking lots, water supply and drainage systems will also be constructed during this period. The construction cost for Phase I is estimated at $700,000. Once Phase I is completed, the temple will be able to operate in the new facilities.

Phase II – After completion of Phase I, the temple will start construction of the statue of Avalokitesvara, Bodhisattva of Compassion, and the meditation path. During this period, the temple will refurbish the back of the temple into residences for monks and nuns.  Depending on the need to organize retreats, the temple intends to complete the second-floor guest bedrooms behind the main hall and the amenities needed for long-term retreats.

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